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ALERTech Management 


Andrew Brandt, CEO & Co-founder     (570) 815-3303

Andrew is the cofounder of ALERTech, LLC and has over three years experience as the President and CEO. He leads the Company's external, political/industry-facing efforts to engage with market influencers; those private and public entities engaged in the ongoing efforts related to NG911 integration and market-focused solutions. He also corresponds with Mansfield University's and Penn State University's Public Safety Institutes, and engages with federal and state agencies and industry partners to strengthen the Company's lobbying, R&D, protocol integration, and open source development efforts.

Matt Pettinato, COO & Co-founder     (570) 575-2205

Matt is an alumnus of The Pennsylvania State University. He received his BS in Business and recognition as a Sheetz Fellow in May 2019 with a strict focus on entrepreneurship.  After graduation, Matt went to work full-time on the Company. 


Matt's role within the Company focuses largely on the application of specific technologies which advance its investment in software applications and open source coding that can help achieve ubiquitous operating systems. Matt also serves on the board of the Emergency Response Training & Certification Association (ERTCA).

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